About Bailey
Family Farm

With seeds of perseverance, dedication, and passion, a bountiful crop will yield.

Bailey Family

We are a 4th generation farming family dedicated to being good stewards of the land for our family and yours.

Working together as a family has been essential to building a lasting heritage. Darren and Cindy Bailey, along with sons Zach, Cole, Mason and their families continue to carry on this tradition by “living their dream” everyday.

Success Rooted In

As a family of Generational Farmers, we fully believe that staying strong in our faith will always be essential. Facing unexpected trials is common occurrence in life, especially a life of farming.

Although there are ups and downs, we know that with faith, a willingness to serve, a strong work ethic, and integrity we may find real prosperity.

Bailey Family Farm Entrance

Growing beyond
The Field

As the Bailey Family has grown, we’ve realized and taken on multiple agriculture challenges and branched out into additional growing business sectors.