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We are a growing farm focused on land stewardship, and we are continually looking to expand. If you are a land owner and would like to discuss leasing options.

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of the Land

We are a conventional row crop farming organization and continue with a crop rotation consisting primarily of corn, soybeans, and wheat.

We believe in responsible soil conditioning techniques. Using the most up to date conventional tillage methods brings out optimal crop performance and easier soil maintenance.

We are Proactive

At Bailey Farms we take a proactive approach to our farming operations.

Utilizing the most up to date conventional tillage methods and responsible soil conditioning techniques, we achieve optimal crop performance and soil maintenance.

  • weed control
  • spring/fall seeding
  • grain storage
  • soil management
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family farming is our heritage.

Continuing the farming heritage is becoming a reality with our sons Zach, Cole, Mason, and their families.

As 4th generation agricultural businessmen, they have taken on the 21st century challenges of providing food and jobs not only for their own families, local community and globally.

Are you a land owner looking for a reliable farmer?

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